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The Allotment Garden is our largest web site and consists of over 2,000 pages. The site contains a sub-site, The Poultry Pages and a very popular and busy forum Allotment Chat It is the most popular site in its area in the UK.

Allotment Garden

Allotment Garden

Both the Poultry Pages and Allotment Garden contain ‘shops’ which are linked to site partnering affiliate merchants. There is also specialist bookshop utilising Opencart and a section selling the site owners own books.

Both sites also contain diary blogs and Allotment Garden has a large recipe section which is actually a WordPress blog along with a video section that is also based on WordPress.

Much of the site is hard written utilising php for included menus but these are in the process of being transferred to a WordPress based CMS. The whole site is in the process of being re-skinned to a responsive design.

Grow Your Own AwardVisitor Statistics

– note figures are approximate and vary seasonally due to the content being gardening related.

  • Allotment Garden Main receives around 250,000 visits per month from 150,000 unique visitors and serves around 600,000 pages.
  • The chat forum receives around 150,000 visits per month from 100,000 unique visitors and serves around 1 million pages.
  • The Poultry Pages receives around 85,000 visits per month from 40,000 unique visitors and serves around 275,000 pages.
  • The video section receives around 10,000 visits per month from 5,000 unique visitors and serves around 30,000 pages.

The Allotment Garden Diary Latest

Allotment Garden Diary

Allotment Garden Diary

  • Ice and Fire

    January 18, 2023

    No, not a series by George RR Martin! It’s been freezing which means there is very little that can be done outside. But what’s better when it’s icy than a fire? I’ve a massive amount of brash that needs sorting.…

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  • Best Place to Buy Seed Potatoes

    January 14, 2023

    I was asked a simple question “Where’s the best place to buy seed potatoes? Should I get them online or from a garden centre?” Like most simple questions, the answer isn’t so simple. Saving Seed Potatoes You can save your…

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    The post Best Place to Buy

  • A New Approach to Allotments

    January 06, 2023

    We need more allotments to meet demand but councils are short of money and don’t want to spend on acquiring land for them. Farmers could provide the solution and help their finances by doing it. Food Security When the pandemic…

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  • Sprouts Stolen, Potatoes Pilfered

    December 24, 2022

    I went up to the brassica cage to pick some Christmas sprouts and most have gone. It looks like someone has picked them but I really can’t see someone creeping around in the dead of night to steal our sprouts.…

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Allotment Garden Latest Recipes

Allotment Recipes

Allotment Recipes