Welcome to WebOneUK Internet Publishing

WebOneUK is, as the name suggests, a web services company based in the UK. We specialise in Internet Publishing.

Our Sites

Our primary role is to manage our own web sites. Our largest and most popular site is the Allotments & Gardens site. This is followed by our site on frugal living, Low Cost Living. We also own and manage some small specialist web sites.

Our main sites generate income via advertising, mainly via Google Adsense but we do offer a number of options for direct advertisers. These are custom designed for each advertiser to maximise their return on investment.

Client Sites

In addition we provide web services for selected clients. These range from a full management service where we handle design, hosting, search engine optimisation and management to just providing hosting.

Whilst we can undertake one off jobs such as a site review and report or designing a site – we enjoy long term relationships, enabling our clients to do what they do best and leaving us to manage the technicalities.

There’s more to internet publishing than just a web site and we can assist with other marketing strategies and campaigns.

Training and Assistance

Some tasks are best handled by our clients directly and we offer advice and training to enable them to do this. Using a content management system can be daunting for some and there is an art to writing content on the web that we can help with.

Appropriate Technologies

We utilise the most appropriate software systems to suit our clients’ and our needs. This often results in a mixture, for example WordPress as a content management system coupled with a shopping cart system such as Cubecart or Opencart along with bespoke software and scripting.

Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

Our sites are designed to be search engine friendly of course but we also provide assistance in general marketing. Different markets require differing approaches and selecting the correct method will result in better returns on the investment in both time and money.